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2021 — Year in Review, Digital Marketing Performance

Top Startups in Denmark

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By Daniel Bloch, Co-Founder at

2021 Highlights

Avg. Site Score
We've averaged all scores for all months in 2021. So, this is the score you need to reach the top 100 in 2022.
Companies in Top 10
We've seen steep competition in our Top 10, 27 different companies has been in our top 10 at some point in 2021.
Companies in Top 100
Focus changes, and so does our list. In 2021 we've seen 142 different companies on our top 100 list.
Companies leaving us in 2022
In 2022 we say goodbye to all companies founded in 2012. This includes Rains, 24Slides and Visma Dinero.

Top 3 – Growth

Veo Favicon
Royal Arena
Veo, Screenshots
Site Score
Veo, Score Development Graph
Luksusbaby Favicon
Luksusbaby Screenshots
Site Score
Veo, Score Development Graph
Airofit ScreenshotsAirofit Favicon
Site Score
Veo, Score Development Graph

Top 100

Our list shows the companies progress from january to december 2021. If a company entered the list later than january, we use their entry point placement.
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2021 Insights

Biggest Leap in 2021
Royal Arena
Big leaps from month to month is something we see often – but, who's done the best job growing consistently in 2020?
Best SoMe Consistency
Posting to all of your channels can be a hassle. But, for some, consistancy comes natural. Here's 2021 best.
Worst month in 2021
December had the largest single regression of any month - but, with an overall high score. Seems like a normal fluxuation.
Best month in 2021
2021's best month was March with a progression of +3.14 - quite a significant increase (same for October with +2.87)
Score development in 2021
Here's the overall avg. score development month-by-month
Best Startups in Denmark - Development in Score Graph

Top 100 Best Startups in Denmark

January 2022 Report

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